Fall of Ai is a group of producers, composers, condctors, and performers who understand and work across classical, non-classical, and film genres. We specialize in artistic and expressive work and communication between all of these fields.

Artistic Director

Fall of Ai is headed by producer, composer, conductor, and performer Alexander Tseitlin. Alexander has over 25 years of experience in the music industry and often acts as a consultant in music departments worldwide. Check out his bio and work on his website here: www.alexanderseitlin.com.

Fall of Ai Chamber Orchestra

The Fall of Ai Chamber Orchestra consists of some of the most experienced and artistic players in the Los Angeles area and is often augmented by international guest artists. Orchestra members often collaborate together as smaller chamber groups and perform as soloists.

Live Performance

Fall of Ai hosts the “Dialogues Concert Series” in the Los Angeles area, which blends artists from different genres, ages, and career stages. From rising star virtuosos to storytellers to world-renowned musicians, they all share the stage to give audience members an intimate look at music and the stories told through it.

Live and Layer Tracking

Fall of Ai’s versatile artist roster allows us to adapt to the size and scope of your project. Whether you are looking for a live symphonic orchestra or small ensemble in studio, our artists, staff, and partner studios can provide everything you need.

Our production staff is also uniquely set up for individual layer tracking, allowing detailed control of every aspect of your project.

Composition, Arranging, Orchestration, and Copying

Fall of Ai’s composer and orchestrator roster allows us to bring a unique touch to orchestral parts written by and for orchestral players. We can accommodate any need in the composition realm whether it’s composing entire original scores, or simply orchestrating the compositions or ideas of a collaborating composer.