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Fall of Ai Chamber Orchestra

The Fall of Ai Chamber Orchestra is comprised of some of the finest and most unique players Los Angeles has to offer. Our members, all friends and colleagues, range from internationally competing soloists, to veteran orchestral professionals, to mature chamber musicians. Our orchestra boasts a full roster of strings, wind, brass, and percussion.

The orchestra was founded after its first performance in December of 2009, in response to the overwhelming public and artist support for this group.

Selected by invitation only, the orchestra roster is currently private.

Alexander Tseitlin
Conductor and Artistic Director
Violinist, conductor, composer, and director Alexander Tseitlin has spear-headed this group since its inception. Read more about our director here.

Fall of Ai String Quartet

The Fall of Ai String Quartet is comprised of the principal players of the Fall of Ai Chamber orchestra. Our principals are uniquely experienced in classical performance and media production.

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