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  • Come and Go (Official Video)

    Come and Go (Official Video)

    Announcing the release of the official video of “Come and Go,” an original arrangement by Scott Oatley and Alexander Tseitlin, by popular request after the premiere at the January Dialogues Concert Series!  

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  • Live Strings for “On Being Human”

    Live Strings for “On Being Human”

    Check out a short clip from our recent session for “On Being Human” featuring a massive string orchestra. “To The Kings Of The Earth,” coming up for release soon.  

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  • In The Studio With Rozzie Crane

    In The Studio With Rozzie Crane

    We had a chance to lay down some fantastic strings with Rozzie Crane and her incredibly talented producer. Looking forward to her EP coming out later this year. In the meantime, check out her YouTube page or catch her on tour with Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

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  • “Invisible” with Daniel Bashta

    “Invisible” with Daniel Bashta

     Check out the Fall of Ai Chamber Orchestra on Daniel Bashta’s newest release, “Invisible.” Out in stores and on iTunes now, Daniel Bashta has a unique voice and writing style.  

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  • Strings and Brass With “On Being Human”

    Strings and Brass With “On Being Human”

    We had the distinct pleasure of working with a fantastic group of composers and performers on an upcoming album by “On Being Human.” Strings and Brass tracked at Fall of Ai. Check out their work here: https://www.facebook.com/onbeinghuman, and enjoy some good strings and brass below!    

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  • Acoustic Sessions with Theft

    Acoustic Sessions with Theft

    Fall of Ai Productions in collaboration with Matt McCartie from the band Theft have been working on string parts for Theft’s new release “The Hard Way.” String parts were recorded at Fall of Ai Productions, and appear on the album “The Hard Way.” Listen to the acoustic version here.

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  • Musings on a Theme

    Musings on a Theme

    Fall of Ai Productions present the live premiere of “Musings on a Theme by Eugene Ysaye,” composed by Alexander Tseitlin and performed by the Fall of Ai Chamber Orchestra under his baton. You can find the video below. Enjoy!

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  • Standards with Carroll Matthews

    Standards with Carroll Matthews

    We’re thrilled to see some of our best strings work on Carroll Matthews’ newest release, “Timeless.” The album features some of the greatest jazz standards of all time with the Fall of Ai String Orchestra. Produced in conjunction with Cross-Witness Publishing (www.crosswitness.com) Find it on iTunes here.

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  • Sarah Macintosh’s “Current”

    Sarah Macintosh’s “Current”

      Fall of Ai Productions congratulates Sarah Macintosh on her latest release: “Current.” Listen for the Fall of Ai Chamber orchestra on Current, Galaxy Former, You’re Coming, as well as others. Now available on iTunes.      

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  • In The Middle Of It With Sarah Macintosh

    In The Middle Of It With Sarah Macintosh

    Fall of Ai Productions has been working on Sarah Macintosh’s upcoming album and is looking forward to some great releases, including one track with our live chamber orchestra. Check back for more updates!

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